Innovator Spotlight: Ellster Print Co.

Innovator Spotlight: Ellster Print Co.

Every week, we take some time to focus on someone in the metro Atlanta area that is doing amazing work that matters. Ellster Print Co. is a small hand-pulled screen printing shop that specializes in custom tee shirts, but they’re not limiting themselves: “We will take on anything we can fit on the press.”

What sets Ellster apart from others?

Rather than focusing on mass production, we dig deeper into the craft of screen printing. We’re constantly testing our abilities to see what works, what doesn’t, and what we can do that’s outside the conventional wisdom of the medium.

What are you excited about right now?

We’ve recently come into possession of a piece of equipment that will open doors to expansion of our print offerings. This will allow us to branch out from apparel and move in to multiple forms of print media. We’re staring at tremendous potential for growth through diversifying our product offerings while still being able to approach each new challenge with the attention of detailed craftsmanship.

What’s something that you’ve accomplished in the past year that you are proud of?

This past August, we took the leap from being a home based business to renting a space. While the prospect of having monthly bills to pay was nerve racking at first, having a presence separate from the basement we started in gave the business a real life of its own. In a way, moving out has legitimized Ellster, taking it from a profitable hobby to a rapidly expanding business.

What’s your vision for what’s next? Where are you headed?

Looking to the future, we want to continue expanding our capabilities. There are many aspects of screen printing we’ve yet to explore, and there are other print mediums we’d like to familiarize ourselves with. Ultimately, we’d like to see Ellster as a fully capable branded merchandise provider.

Where can folks learn more about the work you’re doing?

You can visit our site at, and we’re on all of the social media platforms as well of course!

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