Innovator Spotlight: Christopher Freeman

Innovator Spotlight: Christopher Freeman

Every week, we take some time to focus on someone in the metro Atlanta area that is doing amazing work that matters. Today, we’re talking with Christopher Freeman, artist, musician and teller of stories.

What are you excited about right now?

Finishing my first solo album and thus introducing the first installment in a series I am currently calling ADYDA. ADYDA is, as it stands now, a story about a boy who loses his sister and will do anything in his power to reunite them. Like an episode of Firefly written and scored by SLEEP and David Byrne.

What’s something that you’ve accomplished in the past year that you are proud of?

First, before following the impulses of fear, I have made the effort to go out of my comfort zone when faced with the nauseating uncertainty often associated with change.

What’s your vision for what’s next? Where are you headed?

I would like to understand the mind, as well as its ability to tell stories, through music, the written word and visual sensation. I want to make the sights and sounds that move people to feel big and strong and not afraid to dance to feel better.

In the last 90 days, have you experienced a new resource that taught you something new?

Prose and Poetry by Matthew ArnoldGodlessWild Wild Country (Only two episodes in and I’m already hooked), Neil Young’s HitchhikerVersailles and Justice’s self-titled record.

Do you have a recently released project or upcoming project that you’d like people to check out?

Right now we’re in the process of mixing the ADYDA record, so I’ll be making an announcement regarding that via Instagram, Twitter etc. the closer we get to the finish line.

Anything else you would like folks to know?

Yes. Watch Stargate Universe.

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