Innovator Spotlight: Bryan Scott

Innovator Spotlight: Bryan Scott

Every week, we take some time to focus on someone in the metro Atlanta area that is doing amazing work that matters. Today, we’re talking with Bryan Scott. While he’s an art director and designer by day, photography is his first love and favorite tool in his arsenal. And in addition to photography, he continues to pursue film passion projects and side hustles. You can see his incredible work at

What are you excited about right now?

I’ve been really drawn to mid century photography like that of Vivian MaierJim Marshall and Dorothea Lange. These days, the idea of “story” is thrown around in every creative endeavor, but these photographers knew how to capture images that really told a story—and they knew their gear.

Today, it’s so simple for a kid to grab a camera, take a decent photo, and with a little edit and social community, he can build a following . The barrier to entry for photography is lower than it’s ever been, but the story factor is often missing or lost. Fifty years from now, a hundred years from now, how will these digital assets live on and inspire a new generation of photographers without story? But images shot by Dorothea Lange of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression are here to stay. They’re impressed on society. They aren’t a blip or algorithm in a social feed.

I’m also enjoying shooting film and thinking of how my work lives on beyond a moment and is shot for more than a “like.”

What’s something that you’ve accomplished in the past year that you are proud of?

I recently shot images for a campaign for Michelin that included a week in Daytona and a week in LA. And there were various types of scenarios including high performance cars, chefs and kitchens, parkour and more. You can see the spot on YouTube.

What’s your vision for what’s next? Where are you headed?

I’ll always shoot. Always.

As I age, I enjoy helping people learn and grow their craft. I also have a son and a baby (or two) on the way, so being a dad and husband is #1. I love seeing my four year old son ask questions about cameras and want to shoot things. My job as a dad is to pave the way for his success and to model for my kids what it looks like to pursue passion projects.

I truly believe that people are drawn to passion. People constantly try to become photographers or artists by creating what’s currently popular instead of creating what they’re passionate about. Passion drives you to do what you do regardless of the pay, but popularity leads to burn out. I want my children to follow passion which will in turn lead them to find their “success.”

In the last 90 days, have you experienced a new resource that taught you something new?

Recently, a good friend introduced me to a book by George Samuel Clayson called The Richest Man in BabylonI’m a big believer that anyone can be wealthy and that managing your money/budget with time tested principles is the way to do it. Being financially secure allows you more freedom and more time to spend in your passions—not to mention camera gear is definitely not cheap.

Do you have a recently released project or upcoming project that you’d like people to check out?

I recently bought a drone to play with on a trip to Hawaii. I’m definitely late to the game on this one, but I’ve had a lot of fun with it. You’ll probably see some of this at some point if you follow me on Instagram. I do have some projects in the works, but it’s nothing I’m ready to reveal just yet.

Anything else you would like folks to know?

Just a tip or two. Unless you’re shooting large format images for billboards, there is no need to lug around a DSLR. In fact, stop buying DSLRs, and go mirrorless. And please stop the crop sensor vs. full frame sensor battle. Most people don’t need a full frame sensor, and much of the paid work I shoot is on a crop-sensored Fuji XT2. Last but not least, buy yourself a film camera, and shoot some film. It makes you a better photographer!

Here are more incredible photos from Bryan’s recent work with Michelin:

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