Innovator Spotlight: Brooke Powell

Innovator Spotlight: Brooke Powell

One of our favorite things to do at Morrowmade is to tell stories of people that are doing amazing work that matters. We’ll cut to the chase: artist and designer Brooke Powell is killing it.

What are you excited about right now?

Recently, I’ve started playing with a flash-tattoo inspired approach to illustrating. I’ve had certain ideas, thoughts, and emotions on my heart and heart for a long time, and I’m really excited about exploring them with this new direction in mind. So far, I’ve been using my illustrations to explore concepts like honesty, disappointment, failure, and resilience. You know—all the hardest parts of being a human being.

What’s something that you’ve accomplished in the past year that you are proud of?

I’ve learned to stop waiting on the “arrival point.” And because of that, my approach to life—and art—has changed. I can choose to look at every day like it’s an arrival point. And my job is to do my best and keep pushing through the challenges. I understand that life’s challenges aren’t going to let up. As long as I’m running this path, they’ll be there too. But I don’t have to focus on them. Instead of waiting for that imaginary day where everything suddenly gets easier, I can choose to focus on becoming stronger and more equipped to deal with them as they come.

What’s your vision for what’s next? Where are you headed?

I’m so excited to be working with one of my favorite Atlanta businesses, Brother Moto, to release an exclusive Brooke Powell Art line of products this fall. Working with Brother Moto has been such a wonderful creative experience where I’m encouraged to express my own ideas and make the type of products I’m really excited about.

In the last 90 days, have you experienced a new resource that taught you something new?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ted Radio Hour podcasts when I run into a creative block, need a little perspective, or when I’m hungry to learn. Recently I’ve re-listened to two particular episodes: “Becoming Wise” and “The Person You’ve Become.” There are some really enlightening and moving discussions in both of these, so I’ll just let you hear those for yourself.

Do you have a recently released project or upcoming project that you’d like people to check out?

Stay tuned for the product releases with Brother Moto this fall! In the meantime, I’ll be doing a collaborative project with Blockhead ATL that will be showing in the next month or so, and on June 27th, I’ll be participating in the latest installment of Drink and Doodle at ABV Gallery. As always, I’ll be sure to share more detailed updates via Instagram.

Anything else that folks should know?

You are so much more capable than you realize. Keep going, and love as much as you can.

Here is a small sampling of Brooke’s amazing work. Check her out on Instagram: @brookepowellart

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